EDI & HR Leads

EDI & HR Leaders

Diversity data assessment

We help you decide which data to collect, how to best to collect them and help you interpret what the data tells you.

EDI Policy Review

We review your existing EDI policies to ensure they are inclusive and, where needed, help you draft related new policies.

EDI Best Practice Guide

A comprehensive step-by-step guide for EDI implementation, based on collected best practice stories relevant in your industry.

Expert-on-tap sessions

One-to-one sessions to support you with your specific EDI-related queries, guiding you towards effective EDI strategy, impactful initiatives and practical implementation plans.

engagement survey

We help you update your current survey to include questions that help you measure inclusion or set up a new survey and run it for you.

EDI Communications Plan

We set communications objectives jointly with you, identify key messages per target audience, then choose medium, timing and messenger, ensuring they are most impactful in your context.

committee strategy training day

We cover how to set realistic purpose and goals, how to attract and retain volunteers, show success, ensure feasible budget and resources, engage the right stakeholders and create impact.

Reciprocal mentoring programme

Jointly with you we set up a reciprocal mentoring programme with implementation plan, support materials and training of mentors and mentees.

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 To find out what is the most appropriate intervention for you, please see our EDI Journey Roadmap©

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