Talks and Interventions for All Staff

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Digital EDI Series 

Stepping Stones to Inclusive Behaviours in the Workplace

Stepping Stones to Inclusive Behaviours in the Workplace© is a series of fun, easy and memorable 3-5 minute videos aimed at those near the start of their careers, to help embed and practise how to be inclusive in their working lives. For more information, click here.

21-Day Bias Busting Challenge

This gamified app-based initiative is designed to reinforce the learning from the workshops, helping build habits and good practice to minimise bias in the workplace

Daily EDI Nudges (30-day programme)

The What? Why? How? of EDI in short daily doses delivered by SMS, with optional additional resources to explore. A perfect introduction to EDI for all staff.

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Keynotes, Training & Webinars 

EDI: The What, Why and How

What EDI is, why it is important to your business and how to make it part of your work culture.

Diversity is the Reward for Inclusion

Why EDI is vital to business success.

Unconscious Bias: The Secret Life of the Brain

The story behind Unconscious Bias, how our brain loves patterns and how we can break those patterns to become less biased.

Unpacking Inclusion & Belonging

A look at the 8 Inclusive Behaviours©. An introduction to the building blocks of Inclusion & Belonging: the 8 Inclusive Behaviours.

Bring Your Whole Self to Work

Why it matters and how to do it. A look at the data of ‘covering’ – what it is, why it’s important and how to be more authentic at work.

The Impact of Words

How to know what not to say. Learn how to communicate more inclusively and avoid alienating colleagues and friends in a global context.

Lending Your Voice

How to be an ally. How can we use our position to speak up for others. A session that introduces allyship, showing what works and what doesn’t, and how to be an impactful ally to people from underrepresented groups.

Making the Case for Psychological Safety at Work

An introduction to psychological safety, why it’s important, how to recognize it and how to develop it in your team.

From Safe Spaces to Brave Spaces

How to achieve psychological safety in your team.

Inclusive Virtual Meetings

How to get the best contribution from everyone.

Inside the 'Glass Mancave'

Are traditional notions of masculinity a true reflection of what men really want from life today?

Ask Me Anything

A Live Q&A on EDI: Tackling Taboo Topics – Your questions answered.

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Emotional Intelligence Training

Speaking Out

How to challenge unfair practices and inappropriate comments, and speak up.

Tackling Your Inner Critic

Quieting the unhelpful internal dialogue.

Growth Mindset

Unlock the secret to your success.

Imposter Syndrome

Can we get past it please?
A talk that explains what imposter syndrome is, where it comes from and shows how to overcome it.

Courageous Conversations

How to have challenging conversations with peers, suppliers and/or clients.

Bring Your Whole Self to Work

Why it matters and how to do it.

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Further Resources

Our blog

Read our recent blogs on a wide variety of EDI and leadership topics here.

Our Podcast

Our Inclusion Insights podcast about Inclusion in the workplace. This series focuses on the 8 Inclusive Behaviours©.

Other resources

Find further recommended resources including videos, podcasts, books and articles here.

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