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Setting your edi ambition

Before embarking on long-term, resource intensive changes, it is well worth articulating the final destination. This is the EDI Ambition – the North Star that helps guide all EDI-related activities and planning. A well-considered EDI Ambition is fully supportive of your organisation’s purpose and vision. To help shape this, we work with you in a workshop setting, helping you articulate your organisation’s needs, hopes and ambitions and capture them in one simple and clear statement.

Inclusion Diagnostic

An Inclusion Diagnostic© is a qualitative exercise that helps identify the gaps between where you are and where you want to go. In a series of focus group sessions, we delve into the emotions and perceptions of Inclusion and provide a measurement for the level of Inclusion in your organisation. The Diagnostic identifies common themes and sticky points that stand between where you are now and where you want to get to.

your edi strategy and action plan

Once you know where you’re heading and where the gaps are, we can turn your strategy into a plan to reach your EDI Ambition. This is an exercise in identifying priorities, looking at timing, and agreeing on a set of ‘Quick Wins’ that garner support for the impending change. We help you by proposing a set of impactful initiatives that are right for you, identifying objectives and plan the next 12 months with you.

Diversity data assessment

If you want to understand the level of Diversity within your organisation, we can help you decide which data to collect, how to best to collect them and help you interpret what the data tells you.

EDI Policy Review

We review your existing EDI policies to ensure they are inclusive and, where needed, help you draft related new policies.

EDI Best Practice Guide

A comprehensive step-by-step guide for EDI implementation, based on collected best practice stories relevant in your industry.

Inclusive Cultures in meetings and beyond

Introducing a discipline and model to generate the best thinking from colleagues and peers, using the tools of Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment©

Remedial one-to-one coaching

Sometimes people need a bit of help understanding how their behaviour might negatively impact others. In these one-to-one coaching sessions, we work closely with leaders to shift their understanding and raise awareness so they can lead successfully and bring along everyone.

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Diversity is the reward for inclusion

Why EDI is vital to business success.

Addressing common biases in the workplace

A workshop that looks at the most common biases in the workplace and asks the question: what can we do to disrupt these patterns?

One-to-one edi coaching conversations

In these one-to-one conversations with senior leaders we build your confidence and give practical advice to support you in your personal journey and ability to lead on EDI.

How to influence the edi transition in your company

Bespoke workshops aimed to give senior leaders the necessary knowledge and skills to realise impactful change to the company’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion culture.

Identifying and setting individual and team edi commitments

(A pledge to maintain EDI progress.) Working with teams to identify the right level of commitment to make realistic and impactful progress with EDI.

Common biases in the workplace

Looking at the most common biases in the workplace and how leaders can disrupt these patterns.

How to respond to common objections to edi

We provide resources and practice how to respond to the common things we hear that make it difficult to progress EDI strategy in a company.

How to support leaders from underrepresented backgrounds

What to expect from and how to support people from underrepresented backgrounds in a new leadership capacity.

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To find out what is the most appropriate intervention for you, please see our EDI Journey Roadmap©

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