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 It’s time to move on – we’ll show you how.

Here at Voice At The Table, we work with organisations, departments, teams and individuals who know they haven’t got Equity, Diversity and Inclusion quite right. They want to grow and be more effective at tapping into the diversity of people. They want to move along their Diversity Journey.

As your trusted Equity, Diversity and Inclusion advisors, we always start with where your organisation really is. Then we provide original, interesting and highly pragmatic approaches and advice on how to progress towards an organisation that is truly benefitting from a fully equitable, diverse and inclusive environment.


We work with you to develop a strategic approach to creating an equitable, diverse and inclusive workplace. A typical journey might include:

  • Developing your EDI Ambition
  • Inclusion Diagnostic
  • Action Planning
  • Initiatives Implementation which may include: Inclusive Behaviours Framework; Company Awareness Campaigns; Strategic Sounding Board sessions for senior leaders.

Where we start on the journey depends on where you already are.

Contact us to arrange an initial conversation.

Awareness Raising

Perhaps your organisation would benefit from some initial Awareness Raising so that your colleagues or leaders understand what Equity, Diversity and Inclusion really is and the benefits it brings.

We run, as either a one-off or a series, Awareness Raising seminars.

Providing a calm, inclusive, non-judgemental environment, we allow team members of all seniorities to understand, learn and explore.

We take on the hard questions around Equity, Diversity and Inclusion because suppressing these suppresses understanding. We share knowledge, examples and inspirations. And we open people’s eyes to the possibilities of what they and their organisation could truly achieve.

Contact us to find out more.


Some teams, departments or organisations know where they are on the Diversity Journey and what they need to move forward. When they need expert, empowering Equity, Diversity and Inclusion training, they come to us.

We offer full, company-wide training programmes such as:

  • Inclusive Behaviours Training
  • Inclusive Leadership Seminars
  • Packages of virtual sessions on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion topics you want to cover.

Contact us to get information on how we can meet your Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Training needs.

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