D&I Consulting Services:  In order to take full advantage of diversity for the benefit of the company, D&I must be at the heart of the business' overall strategy.  We help you achieve that by creating your own company Diversity Roadmap, which allows your company to understand where the relevant challenges sit within the business and where and what resources should be allocated to turn the challenge into a productive solution.

Team and Leadership Training:  Transforming culture one team at a time, we offer programmes aimed at team and/or team leaders which address inclusivity of each individual, regardless of gender, sexual preference or any other differentiation.  These programs will teach the team to work together, to motivate each member to contribute fully and authentically, and teach the leaders to value that contribution.

Training Academy for Professional Women (and Men) As part of our work with employees, we train women and men to build confidence, resilience and initiative.  In this way, we encourage women (and men) to contribute fully and authentically, by unblocking internal barriers, dealing with unhelpful internal dialogue and assumptions.  Our CLEAR Membership is the ideal combination of on-line and face-to-face learning which delivers transformational change.

Coaching & Mentoring:  Our expert coaches are able to coach in a multitude of ways, from one-to-one coaching (for the most effective and quickest results) to 6-month programmes for groups (as part of an emerging leaders initiative). We also offer Mentoring Support, including initial setup, mentor/mentee training and on-going support for mentors.

Presentations and Speaking Engagements:  Our varied expertise makes us perfect presenters at any occasion that requires inspiration, motivation and/or education on the topic of gender diversity and inclusion. Because our experts don't exclusively cater to women, we are able to shape our presentations to any mix of audiences, be it single-gender or a mix of men and women.  Whatever the forum, the result is the same: an engaged and informed audience that feels motivated and equipped to take the next step.  Take a look at some of our themed talks.

Bespoke Services: We also offer a variety of bespoke programmes to cater to specific needs of smaller groups and individuals.  As part of this, for example, we offer coaching forums for senior women, for working mothers, for mentors, and a number of other professionals that prefer discrete support of like-minded professionals, facilitated by our experts.

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