Our Services

We support organisations on their diversity journey, from raising awareness to helping devise impactful D&I strategy.  Take a look below at how we can help. Whatever stage your organisation is at, we can move you to the next level.


Inclusive Behaviours

We have a comprehensive portfolio of solutions including training, digital learning and coaching to develop and improve inclusive behaviours in individuals, teams and leaders.


Inclusion Diagnostic

Our bespoke Inclusion Diagnostic is a qualitative analysis of your work culture. We identify obstacles to diversity objectives and support you in addressing them.


Workshops and Webinars

Our interactive workshops and webinars introduce a variety of fundamental relationship skills, forming the foundation for inclusive leadership.

Our 21st century skills workshop includes:

  • personal communications (in meetings, networking events, in front of an audience, in challenging conversations)
  • how to improve emotional intelligence and use it as a secret weapon at work
  • how to recognise and dismantle limiting beliefs like imposter syndrome and perfectionism
  • ways in which to make networking more likeable and successful
  • increasing one’s visibility at work
  • becoming more resilient
  • approaching one’s career more strategically

Lunch & Learns and Breakfast Talks

Short talks are a great way to build momentum, particularly for audiences unfamiliar with the benefits of Diversity.  Ask us for a list of our current topics.  Previous topics have included:


  • Diversity as a strategic strength
  • Inclusive teams and leaders
  • how to build a growth mindset
  • What men REALLY want

Senior Leadership Support

We motivate your senior leadership by discovering their personal levels of commitment and setting personal targets for each member.  In this way, we help you bring your Board on board.


Supporting Staff Networks

We facilitate strategy days for staff support network steering groups  to maximise the success of your staff network.


Safe Space Conversations

We are experts in creating safe spaces for open and honest conversations. We specialise in disruptive thinking, using The Thinking Environment© model of coaching to tease out the freshest thinking around the table.


Coaching Support

Coaching is transformational and helps build self-awareness, an integral part of emotional intelligence and career progress. We offer bespoke 1 to 1 coaching as well as specific programmes to address institutional challenges.


Digital Content

In collaboration with DigiLight Learning, we create bespoke e-learning modules for inclusive behaviours that are tied to your corporate values and behaviours.


Big Fish Academy

In collaboration with W2O Consulting and Training, we offer D&I training to professionals with responsibility for Diversity and Inclusion, as well as to independent D&I consultants.

Take a look at our programme of training for 2020 here.


Conference Engagement /  Moderation

Rina has extensive speaking experience covering Inclusive Leadership, D&I Strategy, D&I trends in recruitment and more. She is available  to moderate sessions and give keynotes and talks at any event on D&I-related topics.

Want to find out more about any of these?  Contact us here rina@voiceatthetable.com