Inclusion Insights Podcast

Inclusion Insights Podcast

A podcast from Voice At The Table – your Equity, Diversity and Inclusion partners – about Inclusion in the workplace.

This podcast series focuses on the 8 Inclusive Behaviours©.

1. Empathy

2. Listening

3. Mitigating Bias

4. Personal Values

5. Humility and Vulnerability

6. Valuing Difference

7. Use of Language

8. Speaking Out. 


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Founder and CEO of Voice At The Table

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Melissa Jackson

Journalist and Editor



Episode 1: Empathy 

In this, our first podcast series, we cover the Voice At The Table 8 Inclusive Behaviours©, starting with Empathy  

We all know what Empathy is – it’s the ability to accurately put yourself “ in someone else’s shoes”– to understand the other’s situation, perceptions and feelings from their point of view – and to be able to communicate that understanding back to the other person.

Episode 2: Listening 

How is Listening so important in creating a more inclusive environment around us?

What does good listening mean? 

Who are the good listeners and why is it so important?

Episode 3: Mitigating Bias 

What do we mean by Unconscious Bias? 

How does the mind work with patterns and why can it be a problem?  

How can we mitigate our natural biases?

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Episode 4: Personal Values 

Why are our Personal Values in the context of Inclusion?  

How are personal values relevant to making our environment more inclusive? 

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Episode 5: Humility & Vulnerability 

What do we mean by Humility and Vulnerability?  

Why is it so important in the field of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion? What does it look like in the workplace?  

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Episode 6: Valuing Difference 

What do we mean by Valuing Difference? 

Why is it so important in the field of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion? How can you show this competency as a leader?

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Episode 7 : Use of Language 

What do we mean by Use of Language? 

Why is it so important in the field of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion?

It’s been said that words alone can activate our pain matrix, from physical to psychological pain. Is this true?

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Episode 8 : Speaking Out 

What do we mean by Speaking Out? Why is it so important in the field of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion? 

If we want to encourage people to speak out, how do we create a culture in the workplace – a safe environment – where people feel able to speak up and address issues before they escalate

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