Podcast Episode 1

Inclusive Behaviour 1 Empathy


In this, our first podcast series, we cover the Voice At The Table 8 Inclusive Behaviours©, starting with Empathy.   

We all know what Empathy is – it’s the ability to accurately put yourself “in someone else’s shoes”– to understand the other’s situation, perceptions and feelings from their point of view – and to be able to communicate that understanding back to the other person.  Listen now 

How does Empathy help us to start building bridges with people we cannot easily empathise with? 

Do we always act with Empathy?  Even with people we don’t know well?  People from different cultures and backgrounds?  People who grew up in circumstances we cannot imagine or know about?  How do we step into their shoes? 

Growing your Empathy muscle requires effort.  How can we identify the different ways in which people show empathy, where it’s lacking and how to notice it?   

Listen to this first episode to get answers to these and other questions about Inclusive Behaviour #1: Empathy. 

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