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Client Workshops & Training

Our client work this month includes the following:   

Reverse Mentoring Programme  

We’ve been developing an exciting new reverse mentoring programme for a client, starting with the creation of internal guidance documents and a programme schedule.  This work will continue with the training of the mentors and mentees later this year.  

“Seeing Bias to Re-stablish Meritocracy”

This ever-popular workshop for a senior leadership team will introduce the company’s business case for Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (DIB) as well as discussing the most common biases in the workplace and how to influence the EDI transition as a leader.  


We Recommend

Summing Up Driving Diversity: The Next 10 Years!  

We’ve put together this video to sum up the atmosphere and some of the attendees’ thoughts about the event, as well as to celebrate our worthy EDI Milestone Award winners. We hope you enjoy watching it! 

For more insights, learning from the panel discussions and many photos of the event, please visit our Driving Diversity page here.   

EDI Digital Solutions, including our Stepping Stones to Inclusive Behaviours Training Videos 

How can we help those at the start of their careers embed inclusive behaviours and practise how to be inclusive?  We invite you to take a look at our new series of 10 short training Stepping Stones to Inclusive Behaviours© videos to help this key process. 


Please click below to learn more about all our digital EDI solutions. 

What Else Is New?

Talking about EDI in the Working World to Engineering Students at Imperial   

This month, Voice CEO Rina Lynch is delivering an EDI talk to students at the Dyson School of Engineering, Imperial College London. The workshop will highlight how to harness Diversity for greater design ideas, what might get in the way of this intention and how to overcome the obstacles.  Delivered as one of the mandatory modules to engineering students, this is a great opportunity to bring EDI to the front of minds of the next generation of engineers.   

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Last update May 2024.

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