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Client Workshops & Training

Our work this month includes the following:   

Emerging Talent Training  

We are continuing with our programme for emerging talent in a large financial institution, and this month’s focus is on managing one’s career trajectory, including navigating office politics, and giving and receiving feedback, with empathy and emotional intelligence (EQ). 

Influencing EDI Change  

We are also running a highly tailored session for senior leaders in a global organisation to help support their EDI transformation in all their respective regions, including how to get buy-in, and address common misconceptions.  

Coming up in May: 

Rediscovering Equity, Diversity and Inclusion: how to make it work for you 

This training session is designed to empower individuals to influence Inclusion for themselves and others in the workplace by better understanding EDI and by practicing with real-life examples.  

For more information and to sign up click here.

We Recommend

Summing Up Driving Diversity: The Next 10 Years!  

We’ve put together this video to sum up the atmosphere and some of the attendee’s thoughts about the event, as well as to celebrate our worthy EDI Milestone Award winners. We hope you enjoy watching it! 


For more insights, learning from the panel discussions and many photos of the event, please visit our Driving Diversity page here.   

Making Inclusion a Reality 

Exploring International Women’s Day 2024 Inspire Inclusion theme, our CEO Rina Lynch joined Frog Systems Limited for an inspiring round table discussion about making Inclusion a reality. 

Rina was joined by two panellists from our recent conference, Charlene Oke, Director of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging at LexisNexis Risk Solutions and Nilesh Solanki, founder of PwC’s Hindu Network, and one of our inspiring EDI Journey Milestone award winners, Mark Walley, CEO of STEP. 

It was an interesting and thought-provoking session, and you can watch it here:   


EDI Digital Solutions, including our Stepping Stones to Inclusive Behaviours Training Videos 

How can we help those at the start of their careers embed inclusive behaviours and practise how to be inclusive?  We invite you to take a look at our new series of 10 short training Stepping Stones to Inclusive Behaviours© videos to help this key process.  

Please click below to learn more about all our digital EDI solutions.  


What Else Is New?

Judging the Women in Construction and Engineering Awards   

Voice CEO Rina Lynch is Rina is delighted to be joining the judging team again for this year’s European Women in Construction and Engineering Awards, to celebrate female talent in what remains a largely male-dominated industry.   

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Last update April 2024.

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