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Events for Everyone

Peer Mentoring Circle 20th April 2023, 12.30-1.30pm

Are you a Senior Leader?

In our Peer Mentoring Circles, you can raise an EDI question or a personal work-related challenge in a safe confidential space with your peers.

Register to attend our forthcoming session (free of charge) here.

EDI Taster Session 18th May 2023

In each Taster Session, participants learn more about a specific training we offer and experience a sample session.

Watch this space for more details of our May Taster Session. 

Client Workshops & Training

During March, we are running sessions for a variety of clients on a range of topics including:

  • Embracing Inclusive Behaviour – how to ensure we can respect everyone, not just those we understand
  • EDI Vision – identifying and articulating this client’s EDI Vision
  • EDI Strategy and Action Plan workshop
  • EDI Bias Workshop for Senior Leaders – exploring and addressing the most common biases in organisations

We are also launching a Resilience Programme for a school, and running a series of Communications sessions for a major financial institution. 

In addition this month, Rina will be attending the Women in Games awards, delivering a webinar on EDI Strategy to leaders at a financial institution and moderating a round table event at the Housing Finance Conference.                  

What Else Is New?

Did you know that we publish a weekly EDI blog, sent out within our newsletter and then published on this site? You can catch up with all our latest blogs here

Voice At The Table CEO Rina Goldenberg Lynch is moderating a panel conversation on EDI at the National Housing Federation conference in Liverpool this month.

This month, Principal EDI consultant  Inge Woudstra  joined an on-line EDI forum as the expert in the ‘Ask the Expert’ channel, answering questions from EDI champions and leaders all week. Most questions were about handling objections to diversity and inclusion from employees or leadership. ‘We should focus on talent not on demographics’,  ‘Being biased in the other direction is not something I agree with’, ‘I don’t want to be selected just because I am female’ and ‘We just can’t become more visibly diverse due to the demographic of our industry’.  

Would you like to contribute a guest blog? Do you have personal or corporate experiences or insights you’d like to share? We always welcome new contributors to enrich our content for Voice’s readership!

Last update March 2023.

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