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Client Workshops & Training

Our EDI consultancy and training work continues this month, including sessions with a professional services provider, a tech company specialising in data centres, and an independent senior school. 

Engagement and Wellbeing in a Changing Environment

When living through restructurings, reorganisations and similar upheaval, it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important and forget the bigger purpose that brought us there in the first place.  In these workshops, we will explore what prevents us from finding joy in our work and how to set worries aside to make the most of our talents, our colleagues and our teams.  We will provide practical leadership and business resilience tools to help leaders retain motivation and enthusiasm no matter what the challenge.  

Inclusion and Inclusive Behaviours 

Utilising a series of webinars on Inclusion and Inclusive Behaviours, we will be equipping managers with the tools and techniques they need to introduce Inclusion into their individual teams and the broader organisation. 

We are also continuing to work with an independent secondary school to equip students with confidence and resilience, including when it comes to inappropriate statements from the opposite sex. We are also helping teenagers learn what they can do as bystanders to appropriately support their fellow pupils in unpleasant interactions.  Life may not be easy as a teenager, but we can help them look out for one another, and build confidence and resilience that will serve them well beyond the school gates. 

We Recommend

It might seem a little cheeky to recommend something we have created, but we hope you will find this interesting. 

This week’s recommendation is for you to take a look at our new series of 10 short training videos to help those at the start of their careers embed inclusive behaviours and practise how to be inclusive throughout their working lives. Please click below to learn more about our Stepping Stones to Inclusive Behaviours©

What Else Is New?

Voice Livestream: New Solutions for Age Old EDI Problems

June 22nd 12:30 – 13.30 BST

We have been very busy this year developing more accessible tools that deliver a shift in behaviour. In this live session we will give you a sneak peek into the tools coming your way.

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EDI Taster Session Coming Soon

Giving Bias a Voice

Each of our free Taster Sessions allows the participants to learn more about a specific training we offer and experience a sample session. 

In this Taster Session, EDI Consultant Joyce Osei will introduce a new way of looking at bias in a workshop setting, sharing stories of bias through her lived experience as a Black woman. In this way, Joyce will be giving bias a voice and will inspire delegates to do the same. Together, they will practice how to recognise and address bias in the workplace and work on becoming more inclusive colleagues. 

Free tickets will soon be available for you to learn more about this new workshop offering and join Joyce in giving bias a voice. 

Our next Live Q&A is coming soon!

Inclusion starts at home. We need to embed inclusive behaviours in the early stages of people’s careers, so that they walk the talk as they rise through the ranks of their organisation and effect real change as they go. 

While people may be familiar with the terms Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, they don’t always know how these words manifest themselves in the workplace, or what they mean to them personally. They may also not know what actions to take to be more inclusive. 

In this LIVE Q&A, we will be discussing how to introduce Inclusion into company culture and early on in people’s careers. We will talk about what inclusion means to those at the start of their career and how to show them what we mean with these terms. 

We will share practical tips and ideas of how to ensure inclusive behaviours shape our young professionals into inclusive leaders who appreciate and are able to tap into the rewards of diversity and the collective intelligence of their team members. 

Watch this space for more details, so you can join the conversation and ask your own questions. 

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Last update June 2023.

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