Hiring Managers or Team Leaders

EDI & HR Leaders (4000 x 750 px) (1)

Understanding the what, why & how of edi

Understand exactly what EDI is and why it’s important to the business. The workshop also builds leaders’ confidence to eloquently talk about EDI, address common objections and become a more able influencer of EDI change.

Addressing common biases in the workplace

A workshop that looks at the most common biases in the workplace and asks the question: what can we do to disrupt these patterns?

unconscious bias: the secret life of the brain

The story behind Unconscious Bias, how our brain loves patterns and how we can break those patterns to become less biased.

21-day bias busting challenge

This gamified app-based initiative is designed to reinforce the learning from the workshops, helping build habits and good practice to minimise bias in the workplace.

Inclusive leadership programme

People managers follow a 6-month modular leadership development programme, honing the skills and mindset to enable them to drive and role model EDI and tap into the collective intelligence of their teams. As sessions are modular, they can be broken out and provided piece-meal, to fit within a pre-existing leadership development programme.

Bring your whole self to work

A look at the data of ‘covering’ – what it is, why it’s important and how to be more authentic at work.

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Inclusive Behaviours Framework

Based on your organisation’s core values and company-based examples, we develop an ‘Inclusive Behaviours Framework’. This is a document that provides basic guidance to employees on how to ‘live’ the company values inclusively.

Inclusive behaviours training

People managers learn about the 8 Inclusive Behaviours© and why they are important in developing an inclusive culture where all feel empowered to contribute fully.

Reciprocal mentoring programme

Jointly with you we set up a reciprocal mentoring programme with implementation plan, support materials and training of mentors and mentees.

Inclusive recruitment

Hiring managers learn how bias gets in the way of recruiting talent, find out how to overcome this and practice new, more inclusive approaches.

Inclusive progression

Hiring managers learn how bias gets in the way of progressing talent at every step of the talent management process, find out how to overcome this and practice new, more inclusive approaches.

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To find out what is the most appropriate intervention for you, please see our EDI Journey Roadmap©

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