Meet The Team

Jayne Constantinis

Inclusive Communication Consultant and Trainer

Jayne is our Resident Expert on Inclusive Communication, Verbal Communications, Public Speaking, Presence & Gravitas, Assertive Speaking, Master of Ceremonies and Interviews. She is also a TEDx speaker (see below).

Jayne’s range of experience includes: live voice-over announcing on BBC TV; business reporting on BBC World; fronting corporate programmes for blue-chip companies; facilitating live events. Her BBC TV series on Mexico was nominated for a BAFTA and, having learned journalism at the LCP, she has written for Conde Nast Traveller and Good Housekeeping. She has an acting diploma from the Royal Academy of Music and a Modern Languages degree from Cambridge. She started her working life at one of the world’s leading branding agencies – Wolff Olins.

Jayne has worked with the following clients:  HSBC, Accenture, Met Police, NHS, NSPCC, MEDIACOM

Watch Jayne’s TEDx talk:

Jayne now harnesses all she’s learned from three decades in front of a microphone/camera/audience and uses it to train others to be exceptional communicators. Working with Olympic superstars has prompted Jayne to dispel the myths around confidence in communications – she has consequently developed a unique approach to empowering those who want to be skilful, effective and memorable speakers. She specialises in one-to-one or small group sessions for senior individuals, tailoring the content to their particular challenges and objectives whether they’re preparing for a potentially career-enhancing presentation or seeking to communicate with greater impact in board meetings.

Jayne runs sessions on the following topics:

  • How To Get What You Want From The World: What It Takes To Speak Up With Gravitas
  • How To Turn Your Presentation Into A Compelling Story
  • Finding Your Voice: Speaking Up When It Matters
  • Career Opportunities: Negotiating On My Own Behalf/Influencing Skills
  • How Broad Are Your Shoulders? Becoming More Assertive And Learning How To Say ‘No’
  • The Networking Mindset: Make The Most Of Small Talk At Professional Gatherings