Meet The Team

Joyce Osei

Equity Diversity and Inclusion Consultant

Joyce helps organisations to retain the diverse talent they have recruited so they can thrive in an equitable, inclusive culture. This is even more important now in the light of the great resignation.

She does this by sharing her lived experience as a woman of African & Caribbean heritage working in corporates.

For nearly 10 years, Joyce worked to increase the representation of women in male dominated industries by supporting leaders to attract retain and develop their female talent. Joyce has worked across industry sectors include Tech, Banking & Finance, Professional Services, Legal and Insurance.

Joyce shares what it feels like to be an outsider, uncovering bias, conveying what it feels like to be on the receiving side of microaggressions, and giving insight into codeswitching and how that can impact women of colour in the workplace.

Joyce is passionate about increasing the percentage of people from under-represented backgrounds through blogs, videos and online events because often they are not seen, and their voices are not heard in the workplace. 

As part of tackling under-representation in Equity Diversity & Inclusion, Joyce wrote and published her first book in 2020-‘The Adventures of Amma and Kwessi in Barbados’, a children’s story inspired by her two children and her Ghanaian and Barbadian heritage.

Joyce enjoys developing new business relationships with Equity Diversity & Inclusion decision makers and influencers and help them see the world from her perspective, a perspective often unseen by them. She is resourceful and pragmatic when it comes to offering solutions that enable them to be more inclusive.

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