EDI Academy

(formerly The Big Fish Academy)

Accessible, practical Equity, Diversity & Inclusion training for practitioners, helping you design and implement EDI programmes with real impact

There’s Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Training for all, but where is Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Training for Practitioners? We understand that it isn’t always easy to find what it takes to drive Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in your organisation or industry.  Most people in EDI have real passion for the subject but haven’t had any formal training.  They find themselves visiting numerous conferences and trawling through endless web pages to educate themselves.

We work closely with those responsible for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, offering training, support, tools, templates and best practices to help you get results quickly.  Our clients include CEOs and Directors, HR Managers and EDI Leaders, EDI champions and EDI Teams and Committees.

Expert Support for EDI staff and teams

It’s common place to get lost in the complexity and sensitivity of EDI issues.

That’s when you desire some structure, ideas, inspiration or just a sense-check for your plans.

We deliver expert support in development of EDI practitioners, and most people find that can be a game changer. It helps them achieve their EDI goals faster and maintain drive and personal enthusiasm.

  • Meet us at one of our Equity, Diversity & Inclusion events where we share practical insights and lessons learned. You can find future events here.
  • Get valuable Equity, Diversity & Inclusion insights from recordings of past EDI Expert Interviews on our Resources page (ran under The Big Fish Academy brand).
  • Book our regular 1-2-1 ‘Expert on Tap’ sessions to get the guidance and support you need.

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Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Training – practitioners

We deliver tried and tested in-house programmes on essential Equity, Diversity & Inclusion knowledge and skills, including best practices and easy-to-use templates.

Customised to your HR/D&I committee, delivered Virtual LIVE or Face-to-Face.

Topics include:

  • Designing your Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Strategy
  • Gaining commitment for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion
  • Developing an Inclusive Culture
  • Recruiting for Diversity
  • Inclusive Promotion
  • Selecting and Designing Impactful Initiatives
  • Incorporating latest EDI trends and developments in next year’s plans

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Drive Industry Change – Best Practice Guides

We support industries to raise awareness for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion and drive change throughout the industry.

We can:

  • Join you as a panel guest or panel chair
  • Give you guidance to develop a diversity award scheme
  • Run industry wide research
  • Develop a EDI best practice guide with case studies relevant to the industry.

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Case studies Inclusive Recruitment

offshore wind

I can’t recommend this course Virtual Training Recruiting for Diversity enough to anyone seeking to take practical action on improving diversity in their business. We came away from the sessions with lots of ideas and tools to start making a real impact. Having been around this subject for some time, this course fills a void that’s been empty for a long time. When trying to grapple with such a big, thorny and seemingly insurmountable challenge like improving diversity in a workforce, many just give up or don't know where to start. The course breaks things down into manageable, practical actions that anyone can take. Add all those small actions up and you can start to get some results. Start to get results and the snowball can start rolling. Get enough snowballs rolling together and we will have an avalanche of positive change in no time. It was really well done Inge. Well prepared, well presented, just the right length. If there is any constructive feedback I can give you, it’s that you should charge more!?

Tom Hopkinson, CEO, Taylor Hopkins

With 15 years’ experience in Diversity & Inclusion I thought pretty much I knew it all, yet I still came away from this Diversity and Inclusion Training for practitioners with some great ideas which I shall action straight away.

Our organisation is very progressive in the area of D&I, but didn't have the same depth of training offered by Voice at the Table, so we could supplement what we had with their training

Tanya, Diversity & Inclusion Lead, Defence Industry

Rina consulted on the early stages of planning when I was writing the new strategy for the business and the work that followed as a result of that was positive.

Melanie Holloway D&I Lead, MTVH

At the end of the course I was able to understand a D&I strategy better and to pin point areas where I can make suggestions of improvement in my company. Very inspiring to think of objectives both in the short and the long term, both at the top and the grassroots. I truly loved the course!

Daniela Figuereido, Cboe Europe