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I mentored a women at mid-career level.  When we met, she was lacking in self-confidence, not getting along with her supervisors, finding herself stressed over work tasks (sometimes even at breakdown point, finding herself crying over a day's experience), and seriously considering her options outside the company.

When we first started out, we began very slowly, talking about her objectives at work and life in general.  We discussed her own interaction with colleagues, clients and managers and identified what it is that may cause her stress.  Stress inevitably led to, at-times, less than optimal performance, friction within the team and with the manager, and a general dissatisfaction with her daily existence. Little by little, I managed to turn around her outlook, focusing on the individual herself rather than those surrounding her.  Having built up an understanding of her environment, re-set priorities, adjusted perspectives and (as a consequence) built up confidence and a reserve of resilience, my mentee found the courage to apply for an internal role which has ultimately led her to perform and contribute at her very best.  The courage and confidence that I was able to instill in her shifted her career into forward mode, helped her progress her professional qualifications, and has given her a platform for a successful promotion.

International Consultancy

My mentee reached a point in her career where she felt she was no longer progressing.  She had the distinct impression that the business was trying to manage her expectations regarding future opportunities, which demotivated her.  Specifically, she reported being treated disrespectfully by her line managers, to the point when she actually felt that she was being bullied.  Having spoken to my mentee to identify the exact facts involved, we were able to rehearse a communication with the line manager that would give my mentee the opportunity to set the record straight, reiterate her own commitment and dedication both to the firm and to her career, feed back to her line manager my mentee's perceptions of some previous communications, and set boundaries for future conversations. As a result of my intervention, my mentee was able to re-align her relationship with her line manager, gaining respect from the line manager and attaining a clear perspective for her own direction and career objectives.  My mentee went on to a promotion with the company and has delivered results that neither she nor her management team had expected from her at the time.  This intervention took place almost a decade ago and my mentee is still gainfully and happily employed in the same company, continuing to go from strength to strength.

International Financial Institution

Coaching a managing director specifically in preparation for a job opportunity.  My mentee in this case was one of many candidates applying for the position of the Head of her department, which would have afforded her a seat on the management council.  We worked on identifying her strongest attributes, positioned her not only as a valuable contributor to-date but also as a future asset for the company with ability punch above her weight.  Rehearsing various interview conversations and preparing to address any objectives and to answer anticipated questions, my mentee was short-listed as the only candidate for the position from the entire branch.  Due to a re-organisation, my mentee did not get the position that she had applied for, but as a result of her successful profiling she was promoted to another newly-created role.

Well-Respected Children's Charity

This mentee's challenge was getting noticed at work.  She was an immensely talented, authentic and outspoken contributor, yet had little experience in how to be effective and impactful, and how to build and promote her own brand.  Together, we worked on identifying and describing her best attributes which she later used to write a powerful LinkedIn profile.  We formed a strategy of how she might increase her visibility at the office and how she might begin to influence various stakeholders.  My mentee also had confidence concerns, insecurities about her own abilities and worthiness, and a fear of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time.  We worked through this implementing a coaching methodology, creating a number of anchors on which she can draw and utilise whenever her confidence levels start dipping.  Acting like the proverbial sponge, the mentee absorbed all the lessons and insights and incorporated them into her daily routine.  Gradually, the mentoring started paying dividends, ultimately leading to being offered a promotion opportunity which she skillfully managed and accepted.

- Rina Goldenberg Lynch, Founder and Managing Director, Voice At The Table

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