Case Studies

Our aim is to support organisations in their transformation to a more inclusive culture. There are many ways in which we do so. Here are a few examples:

Inclusion Diagnostic 


Identify the real reasons most women don’t progress in their team/organisation beyond a certain level.


Our coaches ran exploratory focus groups and yielded some eye-opening insights about the perceived culture of obstacles in this organisation.  Equipped with these insights, the client was able to put in place an action plan to break down these obstacles by changing culture and behaviours one team at a time.

Inclusive Teams & Leaders


Help transform a corporate culture which at times failed to value the authentic contribution of its female team members.


We designed a year-long behaviour change programme.  The model consisted of gradual and palatable behaviour changes including an intensive training programme on building inclusive teams and leaders.

Inclusive Leadership Training


Design an inclusive leadership training programme for its leaders to reinvigorate the company values of collaboration and respect. 


Mindful of time commitment challenges, we designed a pilot bite-sized leadership programme for managers and team leaders, introducing various aspects of inclusive leadership.

Inclusive Culture in Meetings and Beyond


Design a new approach to meetings that celebrated the diversity of ideas and appreciated the qualities each participant brought to the meeting.


We showed how to listen without interruption, leading them to treat each other as equals in their capacity to think independently. They developed new ideas, learned more from and about each other, and thought more creatively. 

The client stated that ‘People feel valued, respected and heard by colleagues, especially their seniors.  This will improve morale and motivation amongst employees in the business.’ The delegates also reported improved relationships and more respectful management of teams.

Unconscious Bias Done Differently


A client enquired about Unconscious Bias training.


We introduced and explained the concept of unconscious bias, before going further to identify the underlying assumptions we hold about each other, society and life. Uncovering our assumptions changes how we perceive others and gives us an opportunity to see people beyond the façade by which we judge them. 

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