Inclusion Diagnostic


A Qualitative Analysis of your organisation’s culture for inclusion


An inclusive culture is a pre-requisite to true diversity of thought.  Our starting point is therefore always your company’s culture.  Most companies are made up of smaller teams and departments, and culture varies from team to team, largely depending on the tone set by the team leader.  Any ‘one size fits all’ approach to diversity usually fails to recognise micro cultures within the organisation and is therefore ineffective.

For this reason, we approach inclusion on a team-by-team basis.

The Voice Inclusion Diagnostic helps uncover the underlying culture of a business or a department through qualitative research and is a great starting point for any D&I strategy design.

It provides a clear picture of any obstacles and challenges to a defined diversity objective, such as, for example, the progression or retention of women beyond a certain level of seniority.

As a result, you’ll have clarity around where to focus and which challenges to address to bring your organisation closer to meeting your defined D&I targets.

After the Diagnostic, we can work with you to introduce change in a gradual, pragmatic and palatable manner that builds on the values of your organisation while tweaking the culture to harness the benefits of a more inclusive workplace.

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