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Master The Art Of The Comeback: Reclaiming Your Power Back Through Humour

6 November 2020 @ 12:30 - 13:30

Career Experts Virtual Series: Master The Art of The Comeback – Reclaiming Your Power Back Through Humour

We’ve all been there. Your co-worker mocks you and you stand humiliated as laughter fills the room, your mind searching frantically for the perfect riposte.

It’s only later that you think of the comeback. But the moment has passed.

No one is born a comeback expert. It takes trial and error. But if you don’t know how to respond effectively to situations, you’re going to get burned. It is an essential effective communication skill and should be part of your workplace surviving kit.

There are practical ideas we can engage with to learn how to craft the perfect comeback.

What will I learn?

Master the art of the Comeback teaches us:

• How to understand your sense of humour and use it for comebacks

• The ABC of a good comeback

• Top strategies to think of quick witted comebacks

• How to fight brain freeze

Vanessa Marcie

Dr Vanessa Marcié is the founder and CEO of Leading With
Humour, an innovative consulting firm that helps executives to
harness the power of humour in their change management

She is a forerunner and initiator of theories of driving change
through humour and is sought and supported by many actors
like Linkedin, Inmarsat, BPI France, Qwant.

As an international keynote speaker and researcher, she is regularly invited to present in
large companies, international conferences, universities and start-ups in Europe and the
US. She is a guest lecturer for some top business schools: Cambridge Judge Business
School, HEC Paris, Toulouse Business School and Edhec Business School.

Her research work on Humour and Leadership has been published in the Financial Times
and The European Business Review.
She is a regular contributor to the French economic newspaper La Tribune and Harvard
Business Review France.

Vanessa is a Cambridge Wo + Men’s Leadership Center Associate and in 2019, She was nominated as a Fellow by the Institute of Innovation and Knowledge

Exchange (IKE Institute) in recognition of her research in innovation with Leading With

Humour. She is also a finalist of the 2019 PWN Global Gender Balanced Leadership

Awards which recognize excellence in research for gender-balanced leadership.

She is also a seasoned professional with more than 20 years of experience in the areas of
communication, marketing and business development, including as Vice President for
London and Partners, the Mayor’s promotion agency in London.

Vanessa Marcié has been selected to be one of the TEDx ESADE 2021 and TEDx Cambridge
University 2021 speakers.

She is a stand-up comedian who has created two comedy clubs, one in London and one in
Cannes, scenes on which she regularly performs.