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Virtual Session: Building Resilience: Increase your ability to bounce back so you can thrive

21 May 2020 @ 10:30 - 11:30

Building Resilience :Join the Really Helpful Club and Voice At The Table to gain control over your emotions and cut the strings off your stress puppet.

About this Event

Your mental health impacts your cognitive function, which can affect your everyday life. People cope with challenging situations and operate very differently under pressure; it is a very subjective thing. In this virtual webinar we’ll explore your attitude, awareness and capability to adapt to stress, pressure and forced change so you can identify where shifts can be made to your responses in order to thrive and work more effectively – not just in the workplace but in life in general.

This webinar is based on Amanda Potter’s (BeTalent) research during which Voice At The Table’s Claire Thomas will guide you through some exercises to help you recognise any unhelpful thoughts and feelings so you can be the master of your emotions – not their slave.

During the webinar we will:
• explore how resilience is a ‘state’ (a learnable skill) rather than a fixed ‘trait’
• identify whether you adopt a ‘growth mindset’, a ‘fixed mindset’ or a mixture of the two
• identify your temperament, typical attitude and response to stress and pressure and whether these things are helping or hindering you
• learn how to recognise and pre-empt your ‘red flags’ e.g.when you are in danger of going into fight/flight/freeze mode
• identify when you are adopting unhelpful thinking or behavioural patterns so you can change the script and explore more helpful coping mechanisms
• devise a personal plan to help you overcome setbacks/extended periods of stress to emerge, more able to bounce back/be more resilient

By the end of the webinar you will:
• understand the benefits to developing your resilience (and risks of not doing so)
• review how you think and the emotions you experience and be able to articulate which of these could stand in the way of you being effective and successful
• review some specific tips and coping mechanisms to help you adapt your mindset and overall emotional resilience and well-being.

Claire Thomas is a learning and development professional with over twenty years’ experience in the private and public sectors. She has a passion for helping individuals, groups and teams realise their ambitions and potential and has done this through a wide variety of means including: designing and delivering training courses/events/assessment centres, facilitating team away days/team building events, coaching individuals and using psychometrics to recruit, develop and retain talent.

Claire has experience working with management consultants in a global consulting firm is a member of the British Psychological Society, an AoEC Accredited Associate Executive Coach and is qualified to use a wide range of psychometric assessment tools including: Myers Briggs, WAVE, Belbin, Lumina and Talent Gene.Recent clients include Sky, Oxford University and the BMW Group. Claire lives in Wimbledon, has two young, sparky girls and enjoys playing netball.



Really Helpful Club and Voice At The Table