Mentoring Programme Support


Our mentoring support experts can help set up a new mentoring program that delivers effective results or breathe new life into an existing mentoring scheme that seems to have fizzled out.

We start from scratch and work with the corporate unit that will continue to manage the program internally.  We help set up the program and provide ‘best practice’ guidelines for running a successful program.  We also train mentees and mentors on how to make the most of the scheme.

While we don’t need to continue to be involved, we offer follow-up services to support running schemes, including support forums for mentors at which mentors meet with those from other companies and are at liberty to discuss (anonymously and confidentially) their individual challenges.  We can also provide external mentors as an option add-on, including members of the Voice At The Table team.

To find out how we can help your company with mentoring, please contact us.