Rob Allen

Resident Expert on Team Coaching, Cross-cultural working and Change Management

Rob is a coach and facilitator who works with individuals and teams to help them develop their leadership skills and performance. Central to his work is Increasing awareness of how actions and behaviours impact our relationships and hence our ability to achieve our goals. By combining education, coaching and facilitation his work not only allows his clients to take-on and resolve current challenges, but also leaves them with new tools and skills.

In addition to his coaching skills Rob brings over 25 years of business experience gained as a Big 4 Management Consultant, a Strategy Director and CFO in the Financial Services Industry.

Having lived and worked in 5 countries and managed change projects in an additional 8 countries Rob has extensive knowledge of the challenges of cross-cultural working and delivering effective change. With his background in Finance as well as consulting Rob brings a strong commercial focus to his work and looks for relevant metrics and analysis to measure and monitor the outcomes of his projects wherever possible.

Rob is a qualified psychometric assessor and regularly uses the MHS EQi 2.0 emotional intelligence assessments and the Hogan suite of assessments in his work.

Do you have a question for Rob? Drop him a line (and reference his name so he knows it’s meant for him).