Small talk, big impressions: the art of canape conversations

Many people dislike and/or fear small talk.  They are apprehensive about both formal networking events and informal chatting with clients or potential clients.  As a result they are missing opportunities to make and cement valuable relationships.

There are two elements to being more accomplished at networking/small talk – mind set and skill set.  In this session we work on techniques to feel more confident and ‘perform’ more effectively.  At the heart of the session we learn to see networking not as an opportunity to sell but to learn.  We develop a more curious and enthusiastic approach which leads to real conversations and (the beginnings of) genuine relationships.  Session includes:

Content preparation – how to fill a treasure chest with possible topics

  • ‘Audience’ preparation – how to make a connection/resonate with them
  • Rehearsal – what to rehearse and how
  • Techniques for starting and maintaining conversations
  • Dealing with difficult questions
  • Body language – what to do and what to look out for
  • Journalists’ tricks for asking questions
  • How to end a conversation!

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