Success Strategies for the Quieter Woman At Work



Description: A workshop where quieter women can explore authentic strategies for success at work.  This workshop enables quiet or introvert women to recognise and value their inner strengths, to unlock their capacity to speak out authentically when needed, and to develop strategies for success in workplaces which value extrovert qualities.

 During the workshop delegates will:

  • Learn about the different strengths and qualities of introverts and extroverts
  • Explore the drivers shaping ‘noisy’ workplaces and understand the value that quieter approaches continue to bring
  • Learn how to develop louder or more extrovert approaches whilst remaining true to themselves
  • Discuss strategies for handling challenging situations which build on their quiet effectiveness

By the end of the workshop delegates will: 

  • Be able to draw upon their quiet strengths in a broader range of work contexts
  • Understand why and when alternative approaches might be needed
  • Feel more confident speaking up and speaking out when necessary

This workshop is for women who prefer the quieter and more thoughtful approaches to work typically favoured by introverts. Such women may sometimes struggle to gain the visibility and profile required to progress in some organisations. The workshop will include time for discussion and reflection and give participants practical strategies for success.