Transforming Culture


Designed to transform the culture of each individual team to make it more inclusive and supportive of the contribution of each individual member, our Transforming Culture programmes include modules that:

  • teach managers the basic skills of coaching, making them better listeners, more self aware and empathetic leaders;
  • show team and team leaders how to run meetings in which each individual’s contribution is desired and valued; and
  • help teams and team leaders understand the nuances of gender-related mis-communications and individual preferences of team members;
  • uncover the strengths as well as the skill set gaps of each team; and
  • explore how Diversity can overcome unhelpful group assumptions and group think, which most of us fall prey to.

Training workshops include:

  • The Inclusive Leader – introducing basic coaching techniques, with emphasis on developing listening skills, self-awareness and Emotional Intelligence;
  • Transforming Culture in Meetings and Beyond – showing team leaders how to run meetings in a way that encourages fresh thinking and contribution for each individual team member;
  • The Gender Dynamics Blueprint – introducing the concept of the Gender Dynamics, building awareness of gender-related ‘blind spots’, and learning how to communicate in a manner that transcends gender bias and improves team effectiveness; and
  • Lumina Spark – working with a team-based psychometric tool which introduces diverse strengths and behaviours into teams, raising self-awareness and improving working relationships.
  • Diversity in the Thinking Environment – revealing deeply held assumptions and learning how to overcome them in the workplace in order to access the full diversity of thought of our people.

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