Our Mission

Our aim is to build inclusive corporate cultures in which individuals of all backgrounds are valued and contribute fushutterstock_374130802 (1)lly and authentically.

We believe that, to make a company truly inclusive (and a place in which every woman and man can thrive and excel), we need to work with individual teams and team leaders.  Most companies now understand the full benefits of diversity and in fact champion them from the top.  In our experience, where the message gets muddled and progress is slow is within the bulk of the business that is made up of teams of 10-15 people.  Each team is likely to have its own culture, largely driven by the team head, so consistency across the entire firm is very difficult to accomplish, unless it is addressed team by team.

As part of our business strategy consulting work, we therefore aim to build more inclusive businesses that are able to take full advantage of their diverse workforce.  We call it ‘future-proofing’ the business.

In addition, we aim to provide companies and their female workforce the tools that women need to progress and to contribute authentically.  In this way, we aim to help companies unlock the valuable resource that is working women.

In focusing on individuals as well as organisational structure, we help businesses grow and thrive in this ever-increasing competitive environment.

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