The Key Benefits of a Progressive Work Culture

Guest Blog by Mark Gray*

Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of a successful, progressive work culture. They are right up there with team-building, effective communication and great training opportunities. A progressive culture in the office brings enormous benefits to both the company and its staff.

A progressive workplace is an attractive prospect for employees: it offers a more welcoming and friendly working environment, it encourages a culture of open conversation among staff and fosters a positive attitude to flexible working. It’s taking all the best ingredients and baking them into a triple-layer cake, of which everyone wants a slice.

Or do they? How do we convince employers of the rewards that come with a progressive work culture?

I’ll list a few.

  1. Better talent acquisition

These days, people are much more likely to work in a variety of job roles and industries throughout their career, rather than having a single linear career trajectory. One of the things job-seekers weigh up, when they are considering a change, is a progressive culture that is welcoming and will equip them for success. By providing this through a conscious, complete cultural offering that includes training, you give your business the best chance of attracting the top talent you need to grow.

An important aspect of talent acquisition, of course, is diversity and inclusion. Regardless of what gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation your applicant is, and no matter how able-bodied they may or may not be, it’s important that you’re not discriminatory. Progressive work cultures that have strong diversity and inclusion policies in place have reaped the benefits, ensuring they are able to attract top talent from all walks of life.

  1. Improved staff retention

In a progressive workplace, people trust each other. When people are able to form relationships with colleagues at work based on mutual respect and understanding of the important part they each play in the business, they are much happier. Positive relationships in the workplace result in a more positive and productive environment where people want to spend their time, meaning that people are more likely to stay and seek their next role internally where possible, particularly if there are consistent opportunities for development.

It’s important to support employee mental health, and such a progressive and trusting culture can be of huge benefit here. If employees are experiencing mental health problems, they’re more likely to stay with an employer that understands and supports them.

  1. Increased productivity

Progressive cultures encourage and reward collaboration. Effective collaboration results in the completion of tasks faster and more efficiently, giving team members more time to work on other projects. Collaboration in a dynamic environment that rewards contribution and effort also results in improved innovation. By consistently working together, the team achieves more and the business gets better results, thus sustaining the structure of a culture built for success.

These are just some of the ways in which time spent creating a consciously progressive workplace culture can have a positive impact on the success of individual team members and on business as a whole. Every individual has the power to help realise these benefits by contributing to a positive and progressive culture.

How can you make a difference in your workplace today?

* Mark is a freelance writer and author of a guide to the male menopause and its associated mental health issues

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