Image & Impact

The objective of this one day workshop is to effect positive change in image and impact for the success of the delegate and the organisation.

During the workshop delegates will:

  • Discover the power of personal image
  • Understand why personal image and impact are vital skills for career success
  • Find out what really makes the difference to personal image – Appearance, Body language & Communication skills
  • Explore the 3 key areas of image in detail
  • Gain practical advice on how to positively impact personal image

By the end of the workshop delegates will:

  • Understand why image matters, what makes the difference and how each individual can improve what they communicate for business success
  • Be able to make tangible improvements to their personal image
  • Make an impact to bring in new clients and win more business from existing clients

This workshop is for you if:

  • You want to understand why image matters
  • You know that first impressions count but want to know what makes the difference
  • You want tangible examples of improvements you can make to your image for greater professional success.
  • You run a successful business that depends as much on the appearance and image of its employees as on their expertise.
Your Trainer: Joanna Gaudoin

Joanna helps individuals and organisations build better relationships and achieve greater professional success. Credibility, likeability and trust are the foundation of good professional relationships, all of which are heavily influenced by personal image. Experience and expertise will always be vital but how and what we communicate with others about ourselves and the perception they form of us are pivotal for success. These skills help us differentiate ourselves positively and build credibility for better professional relationships, whilst also enhancing confidence and career success.  Through her one-to-one programme with women and corporate training, Joanna helps individuals work on their appearance, body language and communication for different business scenarios. She helps people achieve their goals for their own career and the success of their organisation. Prior to running her own company, Joanna worked in marketing and consultancy for almost ten years with blue-chip clients such as Mars, Diageo, Toshiba and SABMiller.