Develop Yourself!


These workshops and presentations look at how you can improve yourself to excel in  your professional as well as personal life.

  •  Get the Right Things Done – How to Improve your Time-Management, Prioritisation and Focus. Our time is a precious and limited resource, but there are lots of things you can do to ensure you make best use of your available time. In this workshop you will learn how to implement more structure in your working day and stick to it, realise where you are wasting time, be more organised, focus on the important things to get done (not just the urgent things) and minimise distractions.
  • The Right Mindset. A workshop that shows how a certain type of outlook may bring more success in everything you do and teaches delegates how to get it.
  • Look After Yourself.  A workshop that looks and well-being and mindfulness.  All too often we excel at our careers, look after our loved ones but manage to neglect our own emotional and physical well-being.  To achieve the best a person has to offer, and to reduce the effects of stress, it is essential to pay attention to your inner voice that may tell you when you’re forgetting to look after yourself.    This workshop looks at the circumstances that lead to stress and ill-health and shows you how to avoid them and incorporate well-being into your daily routine.
  • Path to a More Confident You. This workshop looks at limiting beliefs and provides tips and practical guidance for confidence building and performance enhancing habits.   We also discuss how you can stay authentic and draw upon your natural confidence.
  • Be Assertive – know when and how to delegate and even say “no” effectively. In this workshop learn the skills for effective delegation and giving feedback. Also understand by what’s meant by “Who’s Got The Monkey” and learn the 7 ways of how to say say “No”. In senior positions women need to stop being ‘doers’ and start being leaders and the first step to this is assertiveness.
  • You are important; you matter! Being valued at work for the job you do starts with valuing yourself and nourishing your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual energies. Taken from Stephen Covey’s “Sharpen the Saw”, in this workshop learn how to build your resilience and keep yourself revitalised and fresh so that you can go further and faster in your career.